Fall Turkey Feather Submission

MDC is asking Missouri turkey hunters to save and share feathers from the wild turkeys they harvest this fall as part of a new research project to help improve wild turkey management in Missouri.

Hunters who successfully harvest a turkey during either the Archery Deer and Turkey season or Fall Firearms Turkey Season can voluntarily submit feathers from their turkey, at no cost to them.

If you are interested in submitting feathers from your harvested turkey, please retain the turkey carcass OR remove a wing from the turkey and several feathers from the lower portion of the breast (see diagram below). Then, enter your name, mailing address, and Telecheck ID of the harvested turkey into the contact submission form below. MDC’s Wild Turkey Management Program will mail you the packet of materials needed to submit your feathers. This packet will include:

  1. An instruction form, with diagrams, explaining which feathers to submit from the harvested turkey.
  2. A postage-paid envelope for the feathers to be placed inside and mailed back to MDC.

If you have any questions, please email MDC’s Wild Turkey Management Program at wildturkeymgmt@mdc.mo.gov.

Retain the entire turkey carcass or a wing and 5-7 feathers from the lower portion of the breast until you receive the packet of feather submission materials.

Turkey wing. 9th and 10th feathers are the top two feathers.
feathers of turkey breast

Feather Submission Form