Pre-season Wetland Area Status

2021 Status of Missouri Managed Wetland Areas as of October 2021
Area Repairs and Construction Habitat/Food Status Water Management Hunting Parties Per Day Youth Hunt
Moist-Soil Timber Floodable Crops Blind Walk-in Self-Check-In or Drawing Hunt Dates
Nodaway Valley West side pump replacement Good NA Fair West Side - As of 10/1/21 there has been no water pumped on the west side. Pumping capabilities are at least 3-4 week out. East side - Normal unless river drops below pump intakes 4 blinds plus 1 ADA Until the west side pumps are operational we will be hunting 7 parties plus 150 acre open area Self-Check Oct 23-24
Bob Brown None Fair NA Good Normal unless river drops below pump intakes. No ADA Blind this year. 15-19 Self-Check Oct 23-24
Fountain Grove Pump Station Construction Good Fair Fair Fountain Grove may not be pumping water into pools 1,2,3,3WI, P2WI, J3, J1-2, J4 this season due to pump station construction. Management on East-Side Wetland Complex will be normal. 0-25 Blinds (Contingent upon pump station construction, localized rainfall, and flooding) 0-1 ADA 4-8 (dry fall) 5-10 (wet fall) Draw time 5:00 AM Oct 23-24
Grand Pass None Excellent NA Good Normal 1 ADA 15-40 Self-Check Oct 23-24
Eagle Bluffs None Good NA Poor Normal 2 ADA 10-21 Draw time 5:15 AM Oct 23-24
Ted Shanks None Good Poor Fair Normal 4-8 plus 1 ADA 12-28 Self-Check Oct 23-24
B.K. Leach None Excellent NA None Normal 4 (1 ADA) 12-18 Self-Check Oct 23-24
Marais Temps Clair None Excellent NA None Normal No ADA Blind this year. 6-9 Self-Check Oct 23-24
Columbia Bottom Multiple river levee breeches. Pool 1 refuge levee damage. Good NA Poor Normal 1 ADA 5-10 Self-Check Oct 23-24
Montrose None Fair NA NA Low lake levels will reduce access and hunting opportunity 6 (1 ADA) 0 Self-Check Oct 23-24
Settle's Ford None Good NA NA Normal 1 ADA Open hunting, self-check Self-Check Oct 23-24
Schell-Osage Major wetland renovation Poor/Fair N/A N/A Unknown. Dependent on rainfall and river rise. 0 Open hunting, self-check, no reservations Self-Check Oct 23-24
Four Rivers Unit 3 & 4 discharge water control structure repairs Poor/Fair NA Poor Draw Units 1and 2 ? Normal Open Units 3 and 4 ? approx. 60% inundated with potential for higher inundation as season progresses. 1 ADA 20-24 plus open units Self-Check Oct 23-24
Duck Creek None Good/ Fair Good Fair Normal 26 (1 ADA) 28 positions + up to 50 ind. in Pool 8 + up to 25 ind. in Pool 7 (Wed, Sat & Sun) Draw time 4:45 AM Oct 23-24
Otter Slough None Good NA Fair Normal; Will not flood Unit 31 this year due to alligatorweed. 12 (1 ADA) 18 Draw time 4:45 AM Oct 23-24
Coon Island None Fair Good NA Normal: River can influence management decisions 0 Open Hunting Self-Check Nov 20-21
Ten Mile Pond None Excellent NA Good Normal 0 8-21 Draw time 4:45 AM Nov 20-21
Little River None Good NA Fair Normal 0 6(Only open to hunt on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays) Self-Check Nov 20-21