Get Out!

By MDC | July 1, 2021
From Xplor: July/August 2021

Fun things to do and great places to discover nature.

  • Top your July Fourth burger with grilled chanterelles. They appear in July and August. Never eat a mushroom unless you’re sure it’s safe.
  • Go for a hike, but carry a walking stick to keep spider webs off your face. This time of year, spiders start spinning webs between trees at eye level.
  • Young striped skunks begin foraging with their moms. Make sure to bring in pet food at night.
  • Baby bats start flying in early August. Watch for them at dusk.
  • What happened here? Ant lion larvae make small, cone-shaped pits in loose, dry soil.
  • Want to try fishing but don’t have any gear? Make your own pole, or ask a grown-up to help you find a rod-and-reel loaner location near you .

Looking for more ways to have fun outside? Find out about Discover Nature programs in your area.


Fun things to do and great places to discover nature.

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