Get Out!

By MDC | November 1, 2021
From Xplor: November/December 2021

Fun things to do and great places to discover nature.

  • Look up when you’re walking through the winter woods. Without leaves, it’s easier to spot the papery nests of bald-faced hornets. In summer, a nest may house 400 hornets. But in winter, only a few queens survive.
  • Help biologists track birds by watching your feeder. Join Project FeederWatch at
  • Keep an eye out for red admiral butterflies fluttering south for winter. The best place to spot them is in woody or grassy areas in the late afternoon.
  • Catch a rainbow during the winter trout fishing season. For rules and where to go, cast a line to
  • Few things are more exciting than chasing a barking beagle as it barrels through the brush after bunnies. Rabbit season runs from October 1 to February 15. For details, hop over to
  • Pecans and hickory nuts fall from trees in early November. Pick up a pile — before the squirrels get ’em — and use the nuts to make yummy granola bars (see Page 18).

Looking for more ways to have fun outside? Find out about Discover Nature programs in your area at

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