Predator vs Prey - Cooper's Hawk vs Northern Cardinal

By MDC | November 1, 2021
From Xplor: November/December 2021

The Big Squeeze

Unlike most hawks that kill with a bite from their beaks, Coops dispatch prey by squeezing it with their talons.

Fast and Furious

This forest flyer dive-bombs through branches to surprise unsuspecting birds.

Chip In for Safety

When a cardinal spots a predator, it warns other birds of the danger with a loud, piercing call: Chip! Chip! Chip!

Tangled Up

Cardinals spend most of their time in tangles of brushy vegetation, where it’s hard for predators to penetrate.

And the Winner is…

Tearing through trees is risky business for a hawk. Nearly a quarter of all Coops break their own bones. This time, however, it’s the cardinal that gets broken.

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