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By MDC | November 1, 2021
From Xplor: November/December 2021
  • I prowl way up north where the Arctic winds howl.
  • I’m a snow-white, golden-eyed, foul-weather fowl.
  • When prey disappears and my tummy starts to growl, …
  • … I point my beak south to join my Show-Me State pals.


Snowy owls usually live far north of Missouri on the Arctic tundra. With floofy white feathers, they don’t give a hoot about cold, snowy weather. But when prey gets scarce, the owls have no choice but to fly south. In winter, you might see one perched on a utility pole or fence post to watch fields for mice and voles. Unlike other owls, snowies hunt during the day. Learn more at mdc.mo.gov/field-guide.

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